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Posted by sra On February - 15 - 2011 462 Comments
Clutch Pad v1.4

…Now out of beta! What is Clutch Pad? Purpose: The purpose of Clutch Pad is to help users improve their navigation of Android activities and adapt to each individuals navigational flow. Clutch Pad offers many customizations to fit the needs of a very large user base. Important: Hold click by default will get you into Clutch Pad preferences. You can stop the Clutch service by using “Menu” (hard key) ->> “Stop Service” in the preferences start page. You can keep the service running and it will not effect your phones performance. For users who just want to hide the surface  [ Read More ]

Posted by sra On January - 1 - 2011 601 Comments

This update now works with gingerbread and tablets. Purpose: The purpose of Clutch is to improve navigation of Android Activities and adapt to each individuals work-flow. Important: Hold click gets you into preferences and to stop service you can use menu->exit in preferences. This is an introductory price…buy now! ┬áPrice will go up once this app exits beta and provides premium features. ┬áNote, screenshots are from my phone with a custom MIUI Rom. ┬áPreferences will look different depending on ROM you are running. Features: Fast Global Access Clutch provides a button or swipe zone that stays on TOP of all  [ Read More ]