App & Web Development | Identity | Design started back in October of 2002.  Up until 2009 this domain was primary a place holder because well, its a damn good name.  It’s main purpose to me was for testing different web sites, web database applications, storage and other non public norm.  I have many small project backends that I have created for personal use but I have come to realize that there is not enough Adderall in this world to help me catch up to WordPress.  Can’t beat them, join them.  So here is 2010 I have created my first WordPress website of my own.  I am very fond of the main Dashboard and overall effortless control of the site and most importantly, the OpenSource community.  I have to say that I don’t think this website would have ever gotten done without all the progress and success this community has achieved and documented.  Thank you all!


On this site you can discuss everything I currently offer and will offer in the future.  This is just the beginning of what will become a massive storage of my portfolio {past and future work}, along with of my the products and services I offer as a “Jack of all trades“.  As lame and unprofessional as that sounds, it’s unfortunately true.  I provide a wide range of professional services that include but not limited to: Mobile Application Development, Cross Platform Application Solutions, Rich Internet Applications, Web Design and Implementation, Database Backend and Integration, Application Interface Design and Flow, Corporate Identity Design, Unique Icon Packages, Network Server Optimization, Server Migration {Novell, Linux, OS X, Windows Server} and so much more.  If you think you have a challenge, please contact me to find out how I can help you.