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Posted by sra On December - 23 - 2010 2,014 Comments

Just released this morning is a theme pack with multiple colors of a theme called ‘goodle’. xThemed will eventually be turned into a theme generator. This will allow you to customize different installed themes to what you exactly want. For example, if you want a certain style of tabs, with a different style of buttons..from two different themes, this will allow you do create this custom theme.

Until then (been delayed with Holiday and most importantly…baby Albright ‘coming soon’ tasks), you can manually create your own theme directory and combined different images to form your own custom themes. Themes are copied to the default xScope 6 location ‘/sdcard/xScope/themes’. Please just make sure that you include the xml files…if you forget the theme6.xml file, your theme will NOT be detected.

Please enjoy the themes and if you have any questions or bugs that need addressed…please let me know. I also take theme requests 🙂