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Posted by sra On December - 8 - 2010 943 Comments

Over the last few days I have been quite busy with other projects of my life that provide just a little more income so…well, to let me eat.  With my first release and quick patch to follow, I managed to get on one blog so far…Droid-Life.  I saw promising sales happen over that day and then drastically drop the following.  I do appreciate everyone that did support me so far and that will in the future.  I still think Clutch is a valid and useful addition to the way Android navigates and how it provides the user quick and easy access to the core apps.  I have been working on some code but have been taking more user feedback (as limited as that is right now) and creating a “Todo List” for myself.

Clutch Todo:

  • Improve speeds and refine current code for better functionality.
  • Improve current button placement for better support of more screens and fully customizable placement.
  • Add new modes.
    • Hold search trigger.
    • Hold home trigger and/or possible home replacement.
    • Trackball hold to launch (testing needed…maybe possible)
    • Stacks (add folder like stacks to launcher home screen/dock…like OS X stack concept)
  • Improve settings/functionality.
    • Button placement updates.
    • Mode settings. (stated above)
    • Click, Long Click, Swipe Up/Down/Left/Right individual configurations.
      • Launch another activity/intent.
      • Back through stack.
      • Forward through stack.
      • Launch popup of recent activities.
        • Option to only show running.
          • Option to dim not running.
      • Back to last task (loops between two top most recent tasks rather then full stack)
    • Task ‘force’ close (killer)
    • Other informational displays (need feedback)
      • Memory stats
    • Ignore List. (add and remove apps that you do not want to show in recent/running popup)
    • Favorite List. (add applications that you want most access to and keep them in the list at all times)
    • Visual picture of task. (if you can help with this I could use a hand…still looking on a solution to accomplish this)
    • Quick system settings.

As you can see I have lots planned.  I do have a busy life with work, baby on the way (excited) , real full time job, side design/programming jobs, etc…but I still have full plans on continuing development of Clutch.  How can you help support?…spread the word of clutch and good ratings.  Not only that, I NEED user feedback so I can improve Clutch the best I can.  I cant stress how user feedback will help this project come alive!

With this new “Todo List” I am looking for a few “Pre-Beta” testers.  I don’t care if you purchased the app or not…the users I select I will send new builds as I have them.  Pre-Beta testers will be expected to provide feedback and submit bugs in the private forum.  If you are interested please email me directly to get added to the list.  Don’t forget to provide how you can help me out. 🙂