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...Now out of beta!

What is Clutch Pad?


The purpose of Clutch Pad is to help users improve their navigation of Android activities and adapt to each individuals navigational flow. Clutch Pad offers many customizations to fit the needs of a very large user base.


Hold click by default will get you into Clutch Pad preferences. You can stop the Clutch service by using “Menu” (hard key) ->> “Stop Service” in the preferences start page. You can keep the service running and it will not effect your phones performance. For users who just want to hide the surface button, you can simple toggle the “Activate Surface Button” which can as well be found on the preference start page.

Surface Button Updated

Clutch Pad provides a “Surface Button” that stays on TOP of all other Android activities. This provides a way to always have quick and easy access to the features of clutch and overall improve your Android navigation which will improve productivity.

Action Event Triggers:

  • Single Click
    The most basic use of Clutch Pad is a simple single click. Just tap the icon and by default the recent tasks will show in a fast popup.
  • Long Click (aka Hold Click)
    By default, I have the long click action setup to preferences. This is so first time users can quickly get back to the preferences by simply holding the surface button. If you wish to change this action, you can always get to the preferences by clicking on the Clutch Pad application icon in your home launcher of choice.
  • Swipe Gestures
    Clutch Pad started out with just a one button click. Why limit to only a click? …so I added swipe features! If this is not for you, you can completely disable swipe all together by going into the preferences under “Swipe Tweaks”. If you have swipe enabled, you can customize each swipe direction (up, down, left and right) for the action event of your choice.
  • Hold Search New
    This is not a mandatory action trigger to use, but for most users can be quite useful. By default this hold search trigger will toggle the surface button. Since we as developers are limited on detecting certain events that happen (such as keyboard visibility, videos, full screen apps, etc.), this hold search will allow you to easily and quickly hide the surface button at the time of your choice. To bring it back, simply hold the search button again. Keep in mind that other applications can override hold search…so it may not 100 percent of the time work for you.

Main Action Events:

  • Favorites New
    Clutch Pad now offers a new feature called favorites. In the preferences you can simple add your favorite applications to a list to later display them in the dialog styled to your choice.

    Favorites Options:

    • Hide Current Task
    • Ignore Home
    • Dim Not Running
  • Ignore List New
    Similar to the Favorites configuration, you add applications of your choice to a list. This list will then be ignored by Recent Tasks to protect you against those unusual tasks that just get in the way while multitasking but still need to be running in the background.

    Favorites Options:

    • Enable / Disable

  • Last Task
    My favorite feature of Clutch Pad has to be last task. If you came to the Android platform because of its power and ability to multitask, you will also enjoy the use of this feature. Last task allows you to move to the last task you were previously at. So, the end result is switching back and forth very fast between two tasks. This comes in great use when referencing two different windows and improves your multitasking speed.

    Last Task Options:

    • Ignore Home New

  • Home Launcher
    This is by default launched from swiping up. Simply swipe up and it will go to your home screen (aka default launcher). Swipe up again and it can then trigger your second home screen settings …usually to display all home pages.
  • Recent Tasks
    The main functionality of Clutch Pad is to provide a way to more efficiently access your recent tasks.

    Recent Tasks Options:

    • Ignore Home
    • Show Not Running
    • Dim Not Running
    • Hide Current Task New
  • Toggle Button
    New My favorite feature of Clutch Pad has to be last task. If you came to the Android platform because of its power and ability to multitask, you will also enjoy the use of this feature. Last task allows you to move to the last task you were previously at. So, the end result is switching back and forth very fast between two tasks. This comes in great use when referencing two different windows and improves your multitasking speed.

Spotlight Customizations:

  • Placement Configuration Updated
    Not every user holds and navigates their Android device the same. My solution to this is the ability to place the access button anywhere the user wants. Clutch Pad can be configured to display the button top, bottom, left, right and even set manual offsets to get a more precise location. Not only do you have full control of button placement, you now have the ability to choose separately on where you want the dialog to appear.
  • Dialog Animations Updated
    Get that unique user configuration to setup the animation of choice. If you don’t like animations, simply set this option to “None”

  • Surface Button Appearance Updated
    Appearance is very important …almost as important as function. I have included a few standard icons to choose from and the ability to remove the icon all together. A new addition to this is the ability to change the shape that is displayed alone, or with the icon you choose. If you choose, you can have a totally transparent button/swipe zone. I recommend first to test with an icon until your a pro!
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    information The words ‘black’ and ‘shoes’ will return results that contain the
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    possible sign
    polar reversal The earth’s core contains a multitude of magnetic compounds
    including iron, cobalt, and nickle.These compounds, in conjunction with the
    outer core, produce a magnetic field.The process is called geodynamo, and is
    described as losely as the process by which the inner core and outer core form a
    convection current which in turn produces a magnatic field.The field extends out
    many miles past the earth’s surface, and deflects the harmful radiation emitted
    from the sun.During solar flares and other events of intense radiation emmission
    the field is still able to protect us.The sun itself has extreme fluctuations in
    the amount to radiation that is emitted, and the magnetosphere protects us from
    these rays.If the magnetosphere were to weaken at any point, the repercussions
    could be devastating in the long run.The mid ocean ridge is an extremely long
    opening in the earth’s crust that runs north and south from iceland to just
    south of cape horn.The ridge is constantly emitting lava which solidifies very
    quickly.This means that it takes on the polarity of the earth’s current magnetic
    field at the time it hardened.This was how the theory of polar reversal was
    founded.Scientists drilling rock cores in the area discovered that some of the
    rocks had a polarity opposite to that which we have now.The rock from the ridge
    form on a measurable basis, so it was possible to determine how often this
    phenomenon occurs.Many scientists agree that we are due for a complete reversal
    of the magnetic polarity.It is possible that we could be in the process of a
    complete reversal right now, but it may take up to 2000 years to finally
    occur.That being said, it is still possible that the weakening
    we are experiencing now is that slow 2000 year process.What exactly is a
    reversal?A polar reversal is when the normal magnetic polarity that we have now
    changes.During a reversal, the planet will experience a rapid shift in the
    position of the poles relative to each other.Recent discoveries have lead
    scientists to believe that the magnetic field may not go away, but it will
    become tangled with in itself.This entanglement may or may not increase the
    amount of radiation that we are exposed to, due to the secondary protection we
    receive from the atmosphere.For the poles to be disturbed in the way that is
    said, the geodynamo would have to be disrupted.This means that the convection
    current occurring in the inner and
    outer cores would have to be tampered with.The exact cause of this have not been
    determined.Affects of reversalduring a reversal the magentosphere would not be
    gone.As shown in the photo gallery below, recent supercomputer models depict
    poles popping up all over the planet.This would scamble the magnetic field, but
    not eliminate it.One drastic affect on the biosphere will be that migratory
    patterns would be thrown off by a reversal.Many species of animals rely on the
    magnetic poles to guide their migrations and such.This could cause the
    extinction of species, but it could even bring the evolution of new
    species.Though the reversal may never get into full swing in our lifetimes, it
    is likely that it will occur.Radiation would disrupt radio signals, and other
    frequently used methods of communication.This may hinder the daily routines of
    many people around the world, but may not cause any catastrophic
    problems.Overall the world will not come a screeching halt because of this.

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    the optical store of aspen. Furthermore,Luxotticaowns the second largest eyewear
    insurance company in the United States, EyeMed. Competition:Even though
    luxottica is
    the pre eminent player in the eyewear market, there are other less expensive
    options such as warby parker, walmart(Nyse:Wmt), andCostco(Nasdaq:Cost).However,
    these less expensive options are not cutting into luxottica’s market share
    because consumers are willing to pay a premium for luxottica’s high quality
    glasses since they wear them every day. Financials:Luxottica’s net sales and net
    income have increased every single year since 2009.Last year, the company’s net
    sales were upwards of 7.3 billion Euros.Luxottica is currently on pace to once
    again post higher net sales year over year as for the first nine months of 2014,
    the company’s net sales are up 5.5%.In q3, sales increased from euro 1, 785.0
    million a year ago to Euro 1, 883.0 million, representing a 5.5% year over year
    increase.Additionally, ebitda increased 9.4% year over year and operating income
    was up 10.4% year over year.Q3 eps came in at $.48/share, beating consensus
    estimates by 2.13%. Reasons to invest in luxottica today:Aside from market share
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    reasons to buy shares of luxottica.It is not just prescription glasses that have
    driven luxottica’s sales.In fact, its top selling brand in 2013 was its famous
    sunglass brand, ray ban.Consumers, especially women, continue to buy sunglasses
    to make fashion statements as
    a cheaper alternative to jewelry and other accessories.In 2013, revenue from
    women’s sunglasses increased nine percent, exceeding the four percent increase
    in women’s apparel.This trend bodes well for luxottica as it has the two top
    selling sunglass brands in the world, oakley and ray ban. Luxottica has
    consistently returned value to shareholders.The company’s dividend has regularly
    increased over
    time.Its dividend went from.22/share in 2008 to.72/share this year. About three
    weeks ago, luxottica announced a multi year partnership with
    intel(Nasdaq:Intc)To produce smartglasses.Their first product is expected to
    launch in 2015.If luxottica and intel are able to develop high quality, stylish
    smartglasses, they will be extremely well positioned to benefit from the ever
    growing space of wearable technology.Sales in the wearable technology market are
    expected to be $7.14 billion in 2015 and increase to $12.6 billion by 2018. This
    past april, luxottica announced a strategic partnership with google(Goog,
    googl)To be the designer for glass, google’s wearable technology
    glasses.Luxottica will make google glass more stylish, which in turn will boost
    sales benefiting both google and luxottica.Also, the possibilities of this
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    luxottica:I do
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